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In the boot of my father’s Citroen ID20 station wagon there were two side-facing seats.
They were my special seats.
Here I could create my own little world, piling up books, carving a stick with my pocket knife, eat apples from the garden.

From here I could watch the scenery going by, wave at the cars behind us, look at the city lights, catching a glimpse of people’s life as my dad’s car whizzed pass them.

Meanwhile my 3 sisters were on the back seat playing with dolls and arguing…

Cars are a fascinating way to observe the behaviour of people and often a reflection of their social status, life challenges, priorities.
I also love the way a car can become a tool for me. Something to shoot through voyeuristically, to add depth and also tell a story, or hint at something deeper.

2016 - 2017.

East of Bullitt.

This Is inspired by movies such as 'Rebel Without a Cause','Bullitt','Two-Lane Blacktop', 'American Graffiti', 'Blues Brothers', 'Vanishing point' etc.; “East of Bullitt” is an attempt to recreate the ambiance, the “mood” of American movies where cars are preeminent.
The idea is to recreate, find, the ‘feel’ of these movies without using actors, actions, car pursuits etc.

To search something as immaterial as a “mood” I am using only car details and light.

Female gaze.

It still feels a bit strange to see my picture used as an intro in Float Photo Magazine for their 'female gaze' issue.
On the other hand I am very proud to see my work supporting great female photographers.
Thanks for having me.