Rear window.

Rear window.

In the boot of my father’s Citroen ID20 station wagon there were two side-facing seats.

They were my special seats.

Here I could create my own little world, piling up books, carving a stick with my pocket knife, eat apples from the garden.

From here I could watch the scenery going by, wave at the cars behind us, look at the city lights, catching a glimpse of people’s life as my dad’s car whizzed pass them.

Meanwhile my 3 sisters were on the back seat playing with dolls and arguing…

Cars are a fascinating way to observe the behaviour of people and often a reflection of their social status, life challenges, priorities.

I also love the way a car can become a tool for me. Something to shoot through voyeuristically, to add depth and also tell a story, or hint at something deeper.




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